Practical accredited courses for your business

Gain the skills, confidence and knowledge to take your business and earning potential to the next stage!

Are you looking to add new skills to your portfolio and increase your earning potential whilst giving customers what they want, then take a look at our professional certified courses. Take control of your career, earn a new skill, get mentored in how to set up your clinic or new service, have access to the best suppliers and prescribers to support your business.

Medical Led training with industry experts

Our expert doctors and medical team teach you the safest and up to date techniques that you need to feel confident to treat your clients and give them the best results. 

Non-medical and medical delegates

At CATA Courses, we love teaching every skill set including beauty therapists, pharmacists, aestheticians, nurses, doctors, paramedics, phlebotomists and many more!

Practical support

We give you practical support and advise you on all the things necessary to startup. We match you with prescribers and stockists to order suppliers. We include discounted starter kits with every course to get you ready as soon as you’ve finished training.

Industry leading knowledge

We provide ongoing support and shadowing opportunities to give you further experience or a refresher training. We even teach and provide marketing tips and services to help you get your first 10 paying clients

Featured Courses

Chemical Peels course
This course covers all the main chemical peels including TCA, glycolic, mandelic, salicylic etc. We also go into depth on treating darker skin tones.
IV Drip course
This comprehensive training course explores all aspects of vitamin drips. this is an increasingly popular treatment which is in high demand.
Phlebotomy course
This Course will give you the confidence and skills to safely and accurately take blood samples. Work within the NHS or as a private mobile phlebotomist.
Cannula course
Learn how to cannulate in order to give vitamin drips and other nutrients through the veins.
Hay Fever Injection course

Hay fever effects millions of people in the UK and travelling abroad. Offer this simple injection to alleviate symptoms for 3-6months at a time

Travel Vaccination course
With millions of travellers each year, why not set up your own travel vaccination service and offer safe and effective vaccines to your clients

Training with CATA Course was great! The doctors who taught us were friendly but thorough. I left knowing so much including how to start my phlebotomy service. Within 2 weeks I had my first 3 clients booked in!

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Medical led, certified training courses to prepare and equip you in the next stage of your business journey

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